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Electrik Psych mixed by Dr Hitchcock

The crew is excited to welcome Dr Hitchcock to our ever-evolving podcast series.

The soon to be Melbourne based DJ and radio personality has cooked up a killer blend of phat electro, pumping house and driving prog that ebbs and flows with the perfection only a long term devotee of electronic music can deliver.

When not seeking out new sounds from across the galaxy, Dr Hitchcock hosts Starlifter.TV on 8K.NZ, a plucky web station run with friends from around planet Earth.


  1. Gigamesh feat. Nicole Godiva – People
  2. XLR:840 – Follow Me
  3. Vitalic – Poison Lips
  4. Terr – Welcome Rain
  5. Benjamin Fröhlich, DJ City – Club Fantasy (DJ City Remix)
  6. Thee Mike B – Uh Yeah (Thee Acid Song) – (Salva Remix)
  7. Philipp Gorbachev – Where is Rony Douglas?
  8. Flexb – I Like It Dirty (MiniLow Remix Extended)
  9. Niv Ast, Adrien Albou – Beau Chien
  10. Coka Cobra – Wind Up
  11. The Chemical Brothers – The Darkness That You Fear (The Blessed Madonna Remix)
  12. Dousk – Life Is a Carnival (Matias Chilano Remix)
  13. La Fleur – Flowerhead (Cassy Remix)
  14. Son Kite – Synesthesia (Antix Remix)
  15. Mike Griego – Misery Ectoplasma
  16. Cony – Butterfly, Remember Me (Daso Remix)
  17. Joy Orbison featuring Léa Sen – Better

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