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Cold Pressed mixed by Markj

CLC is all about bringing you diverse and inspiring music from talented artists, so we are delighted to release ‘Cold Pressed’, a wonderful Deep House mix from Markj.

We’ve had this mix on rotation for a while, and it’s packed with moody, melodic gems that will tickle your synapses and give you the feels.

So, kick back, pour your favourite drink and soak up the sounds.

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  1. OL3VISION – State Of Mind
  2. Scoom Legacy – Flow
  3. Hauy – Redpath (CIOZ remix)
  4. M.E.M.O., Monolitio – Another Night
  5. Beacon Bloom – Nothing Here But You
  6. Marvin Jam, Le Mythe – Sweet Desire (Joshua Jackson Remix)
  7. Peace, Brett Rubin – Like Being Stoned (Travis Emmins Vocal Remix)
  8. Tim Green – Mobara
  9. Dim Kelly – Voile De Chine
  10. M.A.N.D.Y. vs Booka Shade – Body Language (CIOZ Remix)
  11. Gadi Mitrani – Out Of Time (Vincenzo Remix)

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