Unfazed mixed by Ripley

It’s been six years since I released my last mix, ‘Phased’. That’s a bit long really, isn’t it? Oh well, better late than never. So, I am pleased to announce the launch of the CLC podcast with my new mix ‘Unfazed’.

Musically, there’s little shared between the two mixes. Phased is a mix of House and Techno, while Unfazed is strictly disco (sort of). The titles are similar because I’m lazy. πŸ˜‰

Unfazed features the best disco tracks I’ve discovered over the past few years. It was actually one of the most challenging mixes I’ve created. There is something uniquely challenging about mixing disco. The structure and sound can vary significantly between tracks while ostensibly still being ‘disco’.

Given these tumultuous times, I think the upbeat sound of disco is just what’s needed. I hope you enjoy this mix, and we’ll be back soon with the next instalment from Melbourne based Alex White.

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  1. Evil Smarty – Let’s Do It
  2. Jkriv & Adeline – Vertigo (Jkriv Dub)
  3. Andy Buchan – Higher (Fingerman’s Old Skool Rework)
  4. Funkatron – Disco Sensation
  5. Dr Packer – Give It Up
  6. Massiande – Dancing Stuff (I Love The Way) (Moodena Remix)
  7. Toby O’connor – Back In ’95 (Fingerman’s Nude Disco Remix)
  8. Da Lukas – Let The Rhythm Ride
  9. Alexz – That’s The Way (Angelo Ferreri Remix)
  10. Soledrifter – Silence Is Sound (Feat Issa)
  11. 2 Billion Beats – Tomorrow, Today
  12. Andy Buchan – Waspy
  13. Luca Debonaire – A New Day
  14. Dj Mark Brickman – Again & Again
  15. Alex Arcocha – Higher (Ilya Santana Remix)

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