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Podcast Guide

The CLC podcast is an opportunity for artists to push the boundaries of their sound and take the listener on a journey that leaves them feeling good about life.

We like to keep things real, so your mix might have some ups and downs, but ultimately we want our audience to forget their worries, discover new sounds and feel a sense of connection to the music.

You’ve been selected for our podcast, so we already love what you do. Take your time and create something that gets to the heart of why you became a DJ. 💕

Some things we need:

  • A mix of at least 60 minutes
  • A 320KBPS MP3 file or better
  • A short name for your mix
  • A photo of you we can use for artwork

Release timing & exclusivity

We can usually release your mix within a few weeks of it being made available. Ideally, the mix should remain exclusive to CLC but if you wish to release the mix elsewhere just let us know. 🙂

Thanks for your contribution to the electronic music scene.

Cut Loose Crew.

Recent podcasts:

Return to Source mixed by Ripley

Cut Loose Crew is proud to present ‘Return to Source’ mixed by DJ Ripley. An unapologetic ode to the dancefloor that blends the past, present and future.

Get loose...

Electrik Psych mixed by Dr Hitchcock

The crew is excited to welcome Dr Hitchcock to our ever-evolving podcast series with a killer blend of phat electro, pumping house and driving prog!

Get loose...

Dreaming of Dancing mixed by Shaun Rowland

We are excited to bring you this 2-hour multi-genre soundscape from Shaun Rowland.

Get loose...

Under The Same Sky mixed by Cara Murphy

The CLC podcast is back with a deep and moving mix from Cara Murphy.

Get loose...

Cold Pressed mixed by Markj

We are delighted to release this wonderful Deep House mix from Markj.

Get loose...

The Uncut Funk mixed by Alex White

A brand new disco mix from Melbourne based DJ Alex White.

Get loose...
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